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Block: Menu Block (menu_site_and_course)

multiple screen shots
Type: Block
Requires: Moodle 1.8 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Charles Kelly


The following documentation is included included in the zip file. See "download latest version" at the bottom of this page.


  • This is the kind of user-friendy menu that web users are very familiar with using.
  • I've tested it on Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 1.8. Perhaps it works on other versions too.
  • I've had no problems with this and have had several other sites test it.
  • However, as with all "Contributed" block, use it at your own risk. (In other words, try it with a test site first, before installing it into a production site.)

Some Features

  • It's similar to Moodle's "Section Links" block. However, instead of just jumping to that section, this will "collapse" the course and will only show that one lesson.
  • There are "roll-over" navigation buttons with the titles of the lessons. (The "Section Links" block only shows numbers.)
  • Course-level and site-level buttons are not the same.
    • If you are on the "front page," then a "login" button is at the top of the menu, unless you are logged in, then it is hidden.
  • The "Participants" link is included, so the "People" block isn't needed.
    • You can easily edit one variable in the file to not have this show, if you prefer.
  • Also, links to "Calendar" and "Courses" are included. You can edit one variable in the file to choose not to show them.
  • Things that students need from the Administration Block are included, so you don't need it to have it on the page.
    • Note, for teachers, we use the Admin (Teachers) block that only gets displayed to teachers.
  • The colors are limited to grays (greys), so the menu should blend in with any color scheme.
    • The the buttons are grouped by different shades of gray.
    • You can easily change the color of the buttons by editing the "styles.php" file in the block's folder.
  • If you are in a "course," then the top link is "Home" and it will take you back to the "front page."

The Parts of the Image Explained

  1. This shows the front page before visitors log in.
  2. This show how the menu looks on the front page after logging in.
  3. This shows how a logged-in student sees the menu.
  4. This shows how another language is handled.
    • The parts that are in Japanese in this image, will be in the student's chosen language.
    • Also, note that in the menu, long Japanese titles (2-byte characters) still get truncated OK.
  5. This shows how the menu looks for a guest in courses that allow guest access.
  6. This shows the menu when all "weeks" or "topics" are shown.
  7. This shows the collapsed "show one" lesson mode.
  8. This shows how the menu can fit on the page. I prefer placing it in upper-left corner since that's where a majority of other websites have their navigation menus.

See a Demo

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