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Activity Module: Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

ILP Screenshot
Type: Activity Module
Requires: Moodle 1.8 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Univeristy of London Computer Centre www.ulcc.ac.uk

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are becoming central to the support and delivery of personalised learning by providing students with more opportunity to manage and track their own progress. With this in mind, ULCC has developed a fully integrated ILP solution for the Moodle Open Source VLE within inspection criteria outlined by the QIA. This consists of four modules, which are available via CVS as a complete package.

  • Target setting with manageable deadlines and open dialogue for action and reflection.
  • A traffic-light status for clear management of student progress.
  • Learner ownership with opportunities for students to reflect and respond to tutor comments throughout.
  • Flexibility where options can be toggled and controlled via the Moodle roles architecture.
  • Dynamic reports that always present the latest status reports.
  • Interoperability with other data sources so each report is relevant and helpful.
  • Sustainability with continued community support and updated releases.

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