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Integration: DOOR

Screenshot from importing objects
Type: Integration
Requires: Moodle 1.5 or later
Maintainer(s): eLab (Luca Botturi, Mauro Nidola, Christian Milani)

The Moodle-DOOR plugin allows users to

1. Import IMS learning objects from multiple DOOR repositories to Moodle courses

2. Export resources from moodle courses to DOOR learning object repositories NOW AVAILABLE

DOOR is a learning object repository implementing IMS metadata and content package. It also supports Shibboleth authentication (allows single sing-on if also Moodle uses shibboleth).

DOOR 1.8.0 and MOODLE PLUGIN 1.8.0 it's now available (27.08.2008).

Door 1.8.0
  • New: OAIDP module (support for metadata harvesting, http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/openarchivesprotocol.html). This feature can be enable or disabled through the configuration file
  • New: node name must be unique at the same tree level
  • New: LOs and Nodes cannot be deleted completely anymore. They can be marked as deleted instead. Deleted LOs / Nodes can be restored by administrators / authors.
  • New: new parameter Teaching disciplines (Enable/Disable only)
  • New: added German translation (many thanks to Katja Krueger)
  • New: date representation format is now customizable through the configuration file (eg. YYYY-MM-DD, ...)
  • New: changed the tree path separator from '/' to '->'
  • New: show nodes before objects in the tree
  • New: let people rename the root node and display its name correctly
  • New: DOOR is now able to remember the url if not logged in and redirect to it after log in
  • New: door data directory out of the webserver (uploaded files, temporary files and tree files are stored in this directory)

  • New: improved moodle plugin security (DOOR side)
  • New: the config/ directory doesn't have to be writable by the webserver anymore. The tedious firsttime.php has been removed and the setup procedure let people download the configuration file.
  • New: count the number of accesses to each LO
  • New: each LO has now a creation date and a last update date
  • New: statistic of the top the object visited
  • New: statistic of the last ten updated objects
  • New: door updater interface
  • New: at the moment it's possible to update from version 1.6.X to 1.7.X and from version 1.7.X to 1.8.X
  • Fix: the exported IMS can now be imported in Moodle (manually) as IMS Content Package
  • Fix: parameters with strange characters (eg. avvented ones, &, ...) are now correctly selected in the popup window
  • Fix: security bugs
  • Fix: update password bug
  • Fix: copyright statement not updateable bug
  • Fix: several security bugs
  • Fix: js cache bug (tree not updates)
  • Fix: tree management bugs
  • Fix: execution of upload file (eg. php scripts)
  • Fix: translated strings in the parameters popup
  • Fix: updated english translations for strings in the search menu

Known bugs

  • Detection of mime type doesn't work on windows servers
  • On the IIS webserver the mechanism to access resources (uploaded file) doesn't work.
Moodle Plugin 1.8.0
  • New: improved plugin security
  • New: moodle plugin bash installer

Known bugs

  • moodle backup doesn't save files

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