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Authentication Method: OpenID plugin

Type: Authentication Method
Requires: Moodle 1.8 or later
Maintainer(s): Stuart Metcalfe

The Moodle-OpenID project allows users of a Moodle site to register and login to the site using their OpenID identity. Features include:
  • Option for multiple OpenIDs per user
  • Provides OpenID form on login page and also as an optional block
  • Simple Registration Extension (SREG) functionality with facility for handling your own custom fields
  • Black/White listing of servers including wildcards (eg: *.myopenid.com)
  • Additional SSO plugin for using a fixed OpenID server as an internal identity provider
The update to version 2 includes a move to a self-contained auth plugin for easier installation and management. Users of the previous version of this plugin should carefully uninstall the previous plugin/module (ensure you backup the openid_* tables beforehand) before installing this new version. Database schema hasn't changed so re-importing data shouldn't be a problem.

Development of this plugin has been funded by Canonical.
See also MDL-12903.

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