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Block: *Sending SMS block

Type: Block
Status: Contributed

This block allows to send SMSs to Moodle course participants. Before using it you must configure it, choosing a provider to use and an existing user account (username and password) in that provider.

In the version for Moodle 1.6 only and administrator can configure it and besides he must indicate who will be able to use it (administrators, teachers or not-editing teachers).

In the version for Moodle 1.9 two new capabilities will be added: Configurate block and To send SMS. By default only the administrator role has this capabilities allowed. Only users with Configurate block capability at site context allowed will be able to configurate block (for security reasons). However anybody with To send SMS capability allowed at block context will be able to send SMSs.

You can add new providers extending a block class according to providers/readme.txt file in the block. With the block is included a provider that works in Spain, so you can test it creating an account in that provider or you can include another provider.

The block check phone numbers according to Spain mobile phone numbers format.

All texts in English and Español-Internacional (es)

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