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Admin Report: Advanced bulk user actions

Bulk user enrolment
Type: Admin Report
Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Artem Andreev

This report unlike the standard functionality of bulk user actions has a plug-in structure, enabling developers to add new bulk actions functionality more easily, on the base of single code.
All “standard” actions (view, confirm, delete…) were edited to fit this plug-in structure and perform the same.
Additionally, four more actions were added:
1. Bulk user enrolment: quickly enrol users to, or remove them from specified list of courses. Bulk enrolment also gives opportunity to specify the role, which is assigned to users, and to automatically add them to groups with a specified name (the names are taken from the selected courses automatically; if the group is missing in any course, it will not be created - users will be just enroled). The role assignment may also be hidden.
2. Bulk user unenrolment.
3. Activate/deactivate e-mail.
4. Purge activity: unenrol selected users and clear their activities data in courses (not all activities are supported).

Extract the contents of andreev-artem-moodle_admin_report_advuserbulk-xxxxxxx folder inside the archive you've downloaded to folder admin/report/advuserbulk.
After installation you can find link "Advanced bulk user actions" in Administration ► Users ► Accounts

Developers info: all actions are stored in their own subfolders in /admin/report/advuserbulk/actions/ folder, and the base code redirects user to index.php in the action’s folder. To simplify the implementation even further, necessary language strings can be stored in corresponding subfolder of /admin/report/advuserbulk/lang/ folder and fetched by get_string function with action-specific parameters.

Git: https://github.com/andreev-artem/moodle_admin_report_advuserbulk

P.S. 17.12.2010 type of this module/plugins has been changed from Major patch to Admin report to simplify the development process.

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