Do you have an idea for a new feature or improvement you'd like to see in one of Moodle’s products? Here’s how you can suggest it:

  1. Start by searching to see if someone else has already suggested the same idea.
  2.  If you find an existing forum discussion about your idea, comment on it to show your support. If you don’t find any existing discussion, then start a new one and explain your idea to the Moodle community. Try to include context and why you think your idea would be useful.
  3.  If others in the forums agree with your idea, create a new issue in the Moodle tracker, selecting 'New feature' or 'Improvement' as the issue type. Explain your idea and include a link to the forum discussion. 
  4. Post the tracker issue number in the discussion thread, to encourage others to watch, vote, comment and/or come up with a patch for it.