Looking to extend Moodle LMS or the Moodle App?

 Developing a plugin
 If you’re looking to extend Moodle by developing a plugin, check out these resources:
 Making plugins compatible with Moodle App
 Want to make a Moodle Plugin work with the Moodle App? Check out the Moodle Apps plugin development guide.
 Sharing a plugin in the Moodle Plugins directory
 Have you created a plugin that you think could be useful for others? Learn how to contribute your code into the Plugins directory.

 Other plugin contributions
 Adopt an existing plugin that doesn’t have a maintainer and help keep it updated and compatible with the latest Moodle releases: check out the Plugins adoption programme.

 If you’d like to help with peer reviewing plugins submitted to the Plugins directory, please see Plugins guardians.