How can I get a Moodle site to teach my classes?

Read our guide Moodle Quick start.

Where can I get help with using Moodle?

Please try the following options:

I can’t log in to my school site. What do I do?

Contact the Moodle administrator of your school’s Moodle site. Find your Moodle site.

How can I make a Moodle account for my son/daughter?

Contact your child’s teacher or the Moodle administrator of the school Moodle site.

I signed up for an account on this site by mistake. How can I delete it?

Go to your profile and click ‘Delete my account’.

I’ve found a bug. What do I do?

Please make sure it’s reported in the Moodle tracker.

See Moodle security procedures for details of how to report a security issue.


If you need to talk to us directly, you can contact

For any account problems or to report any spam, please use the contact form for community sites issues.