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MoodleDocs - our new documentation system

Martin Dougiamas
MoodleDocs - our new documentation system
It's been in the works for some time now, but finally everything is coming together for MoodleDocs, our new wiki intended to integrate all known Moodle documentation in one place at !

It's running on a big new dedicated server which should be able to cope with the anticipated load and bandwidth requirements for such a documentation site (hint: donations welcome!) The site is built using the latest stable version of MediaWiki, the software underlying the popular Wikipedia.

All existing documentation has been moved into this new Wiki (or will be soon), and that is the place where all new documentation should go. To start with, we have been focussing on organising just the English documentation, but the setup will be duplicated shortly for other languages too (eg Spanish will be at

Community input is vital for this project, and we really encourage your help, but to help create a resource that is most useful to us all please read the Documentation philosophy and follow the Guidelines for Contributors. There are also discussions taking place in the new Documentation forum in Using Moodle. Finally, Moodle 1.6 will contain optional links on each page that lead to the most relevant page in the documentation wiki - you can already see these in the footer of pages on

All this new content and design will be guided by the able, friendly and helpful hand of our new official Moodle Documentation Steward: Helen Foster. approve Please direct your appreciation to her wiki user page. smile

And before you ask about the current rather plain appearance of the site, Urs Hunkler has been commissioned to develop a new theme to make it integrate better visually with, which we should be seeing in the near future.

Here's to inspiring Moodle documentation! cool