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Submissions backed by version control

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Submissions backed by version control


I want to connect assignment submissions in Moodle with version control (SVN in our case), similar to what was asked here: (sadly, can't reply for some reason).

More specifically, what I want is the following: 

Student submits a solution via Moodle - solution is commited to SVN

Student commits a solution via SVN - solution is shown in Moodle

Is this possible in Moodle, via plugins for example? Pointers to similar plugins/ appropriate APIs would be much appreciated (completely new to Moodle). I am not sure atm how to handle the necessary synchronization.

I would further like to automate most of the administrative parts connected to SVN. That is, if a student enrolls in the course, we automatically create an account for the student (same credentials as login to moodle/ course) and a folder with correct permissions. Each assignment will create a new folder and may revoke writing access once the deadline has passed. is this feasible?



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