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Moodle 3.6 - Roadmap

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Re: Moodle 3.6 - Roadmap
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Great news! Looking forward to seeing some upodates to the Forum module.

Some feature requests:

  1. Improve tags functionality.
    1. Currently, there doesn't appear to be a way to filter the discussion list by tag. A side block listing the Standard tags whereby the user could click on the desired tag filter would be very helpful. Alternatively a drop-down could be used but woukld be more cumbersome.
  2. Selecting Standard tags
    1. Currently the check box for selecting Standard tags on the Default Collection page is way over on the right side of the screen making it hard to see if you're choosing the correct tag. Moving the Standard check box over next to the Selection check box would fix this,
  3. Allow each forum to have it's own set of Standard tags
Thanks again for continually improving Moodle.
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