Reporting Time spent on SCORM (built using Articulate Storyline) with complete lists of users in excel

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Reporting Time spent on SCORM (built using Articulate Storyline) with complete lists of users in excel

Hi there,

first time for me on this forum.

My problem is that I need a report on time spent on SCORM activity in Moodle report.

I know it's possible to export it at single and specific user level, but what if I need a global report? It's something very similar to what I uploaded in attachment file. I need one more variable in column which gave me time spent or at least the moment in which users exit from the activity.

Thanks in advance for your precious advice.


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Re: Reporting Time spent on SCORM (built using Articulate Storyline) with complete lists of users in excel
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Hi Valerio,
there are two options here to extract your/a report, aside from doing it manually via cut&paste from the SCORM Basic Report:

  • Work with raw data (mdl_scorm_scoes_track, for the tracking, and mdl_scorm_scoes and mdl_scorm for respectively SCORM course SCOes and SCORM activity) via a plug-in to facilitate data extraction given a plain SQL query like which is able to provide a view of the data gathered by the SQL query and give you the facility to download that data via CSV too, which is easily importable by Excel-like programs
  • Create your own report with new code (, which requires the comprehension of the issues above, so my suggestion is to play with the first proposal

How to play with a raw SQL query?
You should be familiar with SQL first and the way Moodle stores the SCORM data then you can easily play with the tables above e.g. you can start playing with or since they should do most of the work unless some missing fields and different logic, the first limited to those who have completed the SCO and the second giving you the full list of users including those having never attempted to a SCO.

You cannot find in Moodle a report like yours since it requires to define some strong constraints e.g. the whole of my SCORM packages are single-SCO based or I do not require an overall status of the SCORM course in case of multi-SCO based but SCO by SCO and so on which cannot be defined unless in a specific Moodle instance (!).
To tell the truth, Moodle could have more SCORM reports which the administrator could activate based on site wide constraints or automagically defined on a SCORM activity basis: it requires funding and no one 'till now looks like have ever funded those site-wide reports within the core code but the ones already there and the wonderful plug-in above, including those queries shared by the Community in the WIki above.

For the convenience of other English readers the columns in the wanted report are more or less the ones of the Basic Report, here extended for the enrolled users to any SCORM activity:

  • Full name (First name / Surname)
  • Email address
  • Attempt
  • Started on
  • Last accessed on
  • Score
  • SCO Title


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