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Add editor in local plugin

Richard Jones
Re: Add editor in local plugin
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Something like this:

public static function add_page_record($data, $context) {
        global $DB;
        $pagecontentsoptions = simplelesson_get_editor_options($context);
        // Insert a dummy record and get the id.
        $data->timecreated = time();
        $data->timemodified = time();
        $data->pagecontents = ' ';
        $data->pagecontentsformat = FORMAT_HTML;
        $dataid = $DB->insert_record('simplelesson_pages', $data);
        $data->id = $dataid;
        // Massage the data into a form for saving.
        $data = file_postupdate_standard_editor(
        // Update the record with full editor data.
        $DB->update_record('simplelesson_pages', $data);
        return $data->id;

pagecontents is the editor area on the relevant form and 'pagecontents' is the file area declared in lib.php:

function simplelesson_get_file_areas($course, $cm, $context) {
    return array('pagecontents' => 'for page files editor content');

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