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Attaching files to quiz answers

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Attaching files to quiz answers

I have tried using an Essay question type for the learner to upload a file but I'm getting "The application doesn't support attaching files to answers yet".

It says "yet", what's the plan to support this? Also, it would be useful to have a list of caveats for course activity/resource functionality the app doesn't support, and if there is a plan to ever support them or not. E.g. quiz feedback types + time limit (offline), attaching files, anything else?



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Re: Attaching files to quiz answers
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Hi Ian,

sorry for the delay in answering, it's been some crazy months lately.

We don't have any specific plan for quiz essay attachments, I think it needs WS development and AFAIK it's not planned to be included in Moodle 3.6, so it can still take a while to be supported.

Offline quiz and time limits won't ever be supported (unless the quiz code is refactored, and I don't think that's gonna happen). The reason is that when the user downloads the quiz an attempt is automatically started, so the timer would start counting even if the student hasn't opened the quiz.

Most of the activities have been simplified for the mobile app (e.g. in lesson or wiki you only have access to some of the features), it would take too long to list all of the things that are missing in the app. We plan to add some of them in the mobile app, like allowing a teacher to see list of quiz submissions and giving feedback, but some other features aren't really suited for the mobile app.



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