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Programmatically specify module position in section?

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Re: Programmatically specify module position in section?
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Thanks for everything Sam! You really helped me a lot. How did you find these information regarding these functions? Is there a documentation somewhere?

In any case here is my complete code for future reference

//...Do stuff to create module object...
// ...

$moduleinfo = add_moduleinfo($newlabel, $section);

//lets get all sections and modules of the course
$coursemodinfo = get_fast_modinfo($course->id, 0, false);

//get all sections of the course
$coursesections = $coursemodinfo->get_sections();

//get the first section, get_section will return an array of sections so I get position 0 to get section 1
$section01 = $coursesections[0];

//get the first module in the section so we can add on top of it
$firstmodid = $section01[0];

//We need to get cm_info for the specific mod
$mod = $coursemodinfo->get_cm($moduleinfo->coursemodule);

//we also need section_info for the section we want to move to
$sectioninfo = $coursemodinfo->get_section_info(0);

//move the newly created module to section 01 but before $firstmodid
moveto_module($mod, $sectioninfo, $firstmodid);

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