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Partnering a modern flat-file CMS with Moodle

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Partnering a modern flat-file CMS with Moodle

Any developers or tech-savvy educators here interested in using Markdown pages in Moodle or supporting a Git-based collaborative workflow for your external website content within Moodle?

I've been working on an open source project called Open Course Hub using the modern file-based (no database) Grav CMS, and you can learn more about this project and my initial integration with the Canvas LMS in my recent guest blog post Enabling an open and collaborative course environment with GitLab and the Grav CMS at  Since that blog post, I've expanded the unique `chromeless` feature of the Open Course Hub to work better with Moodle as well, as shown with this Grav CMS Resources page within Moodle (notice the Edit this Page in GitHub at the bottom of the page) versus the standalone Grav CMS site page at Resources | CMPT-363. This approach also works for Topics, as shown with this Week 1 (Sep 6-12) Materials Topic versus the standalone page at Week 1 (Sep 6 - 12) | CMPT-363.  You can learn more about displaying Grav Open Course Hub content within Moodle in my Integrating Moodle with Grav docs.

If this project is of interest to you, or you have any questions or comments, please share your thoughts below.

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