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Quizzing features comparison info

We have an instructor who has spent hours & hours setting up his question databank in Moodle. Unfortunately, he's had a number of setbacks with the quizzes in Moodle. From what we can tell, most of these problems have been related to internet connectivity, browser (over)security, & even (dare I say it wink) "user error". However, he is feeling frustrated with the whole thing & suspects that Moodle is the problem. He's considering moving his question databanks over to Desire2Learn or even TLM (The Learning Manager:

I promised to try to get some comparison information so he can make an informed decision. Has anyone had experience with either D2L or TLM's quizzing features & how they compare with Moodle's? His quizzes are fairly straightforward -- pretty well all multiple choice with images in some of the questions -- but his big concern is the reliability & ease-of-use for students.

Many thanks... we are just about ready to upgrade to moodle 2.4 btw.

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