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Anyone integrating with
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Just wondering if anyone has developed any kind of integration with training materials at We have a campus license with them. A shallow integration might just make it easy to make links to specific videos or to search results for certain keywords. A deeper integration might allow Moodle to register student progress on a given tutorial. I haven't found reference to any kind of API for, so I'm not sure how much is possible, and I'd be grateful for any shared wisdom.

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Re: Anyone integrating with
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I've chatted with their sales team about integration and they do not yet have  LTI or other integrations available (as of December).  I do know that direct links to videos work though.

I'm interested if you discover anything contrary or figure out some other SSO options.  

Best of luck, 


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Re: Anyone integrating with

I just got the lti integration with to work this morning. With some help from the nice people at

This just to inform others that might have found this thread.

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