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Multi-client moodle configuration

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Multi-client moodle configuration


I am quite new in using Moodle.

I am trying to guess the best way to configure a Moodle instance in order to have different clients, meaning separate areas with different courses in each of them so that depending on the user he or she can only see its courses, a personalized main page, etc.

thank you very much in advance.


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Re: Multi-client moodle configuration

Hello Marta, and welcome to Moodle smile

  1. It's not really possible to have a different personalised Front Page for each client, so the easiest way is to keep the Front Page quite generic. For example, you don't have to display a full list of courses on the Front Page, it can be information in general.

    Bear in mind that you could have an HTML page on a server somewhere, or your main website, that is customsied for each client, and then links to your Moodle site.

  2. You can separate each client's courses by using Categories.
    So Courses that are available to each client are listed under their own Category.

    Note that you can create a Theme for each client (in line with their identity, colour scheme etc.) and apply these to each different category smile

  3. You can control what happens when a user logs in.  If you force Moodle to show the My Moodle page after Login they will only see course they are enrolled in.

There are lots of different ways to apprach this.
Hope this gets you started in the right direction with some simple options smile


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Re: Multi-client moodle configuration
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Why do you need this to be a single Moodle instance, rather than multiple instances?  Without knowing more about your situation, it sounds like running multiple instances would suit your situation better.

If it must be a single instance, though, then the feature that you are looking for is called multi-tenancy.  Moodle does not support full multi-tenancy (see Moodle issue MDL-28946), but there are ways of getting some degree of multi-tenancy.  One of the Moodle partners has produced a whitepaper outlining different methods of achieving some multi-tenancy functionality.

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Re: Multi-client moodle configuration
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At Prepworks we use Remote-Learner's ELIS add-on for Moodle to manage different courses and themes for different customers (schools and school districts in our case) - of course the login page is the same, but once users login, they get the theme of their own school and sets of specific Moodle courses available to their school/district, via ELIS Usersets.

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Re: Multi-client moodle configuration

Hello Michael,

This is Hashir Kidwai. I am new to moodle and trying to implement ELIS with moodle to support multiple schools. Can you please guide me how to integrate moodle with ELIS. Where to copy and if there is any patch to apply.

Currently, I have it installed it in my macbook running MAC OS. Your help will highly be appreciated.

You can email me the reply which is


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