Moodle for Dummies

Moodle for Dummies cover

by Radana Dvorak

Release date: May 3, 2011
Publisher: For Dummies

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Stop noodling, start Moodling!

This guide helps you get your course online with Moodle

You've heard about the learning content management system with the funny name — Moodle. You've been wondering if it's right for your students. This book explains Moodle and what you can do with it. Then it helps you create your front page, add content and resources, incorporate chats and blogs, build and score quizzes, and become a true Moodler!

  • Make sense of Moodle — learn what Moodle does, how to navigate it, what goes into a great Moodle course, and how to understand your learners

  • Class act — develop and manage class content, incorporate audio and video, and evaluate student progress

  • Interact — generate interest by adding forums and chats and let students collaborate using wikis

  • Make the grade — create assignments, manage submissions, and develop and score quizzes

  • Manage Moodle — use Moodle tools to manage your courses and users, track and report class data, keep logs, and reuse courses

Visit the companion Web site at for bonus chapters, source code, and additional information about Moodle

Open the book and find:

  • Moodle terms, conventions, and roles

  • How to use the Web-based editor

  • Different eLearning methods

  • Things to consider when creating a Moodle course

  • How the grade book works

  • Effective ways to use blogs and chats

  • Tips on using databases and RSS feeds

  • Creative ways to keep your students engaged and encourage participation

Learn to:

  • Set up Moodle, add learners, and manage your online courses

  • Develop your own custom courses and use Moodle's collaboration features

  • Create assessment tools and add media

  • Add forums and wikis for group projects