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Job offered: Moodle - send e-mail with attachment to users upon enrolment.

Type: Contract
Location: Work online or Warsaw, Poland

We are looking for a person interested in developing a Moodle module which would send every student an e-mail with a custom message and a pdf attachment if they enrol through self enrolment or via paypal. This job is a second option for us coming after the paypal subscriptions module.

The plugin would have to work according to the following scenario:

1. A user enrols himself in a course either through self enrolment with an access code or through the paypal enrolment.
2. The user receives an e-mail which
a) has a text of our choosing (here we need to be able to use the html syntax to style it at least on some basic level) - we need to be able to edit that text, but we do not require a GUI, this could be done by editing the plugin files.
b) has a pdf attachment (here too we do not require a GUI to chose the pdf, it can just be taken and changed by accessing/editing the plugin files
c) is sent immediately after enrolment; best if we don't have to schedule cron for ***** but if the process is triggered independently of cron.
3. It would be best if the plugin didn't change any core files, so that we could update our Moodle installation without having to take it down for a while after that and edit core files.

Entry added by Marek Kancelarek - Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 11:52 PM
Last updated - Friday, February 26, 2016, 5:37 PM