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Job offered: Developer

Type: Part-time
Location: Bahrain

to install moodle in the server and ensure the following features are activated and working:

- student register through the website, pay through gateways.

- Take online exam (set by the institute)

- Institute will get the results through admin panel. 

- Institute will choose a date for the interview.(predefined by the institute through the admin panel) will send an email for the student.

- Institute will assign the student to a specific class under a course under a level (predefined by the institute through admin panel ) student will receive an email

- Students will login and see assigned level details.

- Students will pay level fees through gateway. (Level fees- Initial payment)

- Teachers will have groups (assign through admin panel)

- Each group have a chat (student and teacher)

- Students can direct chat with the teacher.

- The student will have task page (include uploaded documents (through admin panel) like homework set for group)

- Teachers can send documents for a specific student.

- Teachers take attends for each day(group will have schedule set through admin.

- Registration staff will be able to see attendance of each group by date.(click on student to view student details)

- List of Students

- Students will have his schedule with course detail.

- The student will do an exam for the course.

- Institute will assign another course

Entry added by Abbas Hasan - Saturday, July 18, 2020, 5:08 PM
Last updated - Saturday, July 18, 2020, 5:08 PM