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Job offered: Moodle & Confluence Integration

Type: Contract
Location: Telecommute

I am gathering a cost range only for a consultant/developer for this project.  Also looking for what we can expect for an hourly rate for a la carte customization and coding should we need it.  Note: We are not ready to entertain bids or read resumes yet.  This is informational only.

We will need to have Moodle integrated with Atlassian's Confluence, a Java-based corporate wiki.  Users will log into Moodle.  All content will be stored wthin Confluence.  The idea is that, from Moodle, clicking on a piece of content in a course will log into Confluence and pull the requested content into Moodle for display.  Although each Moodle user will have their own Moodle login credentials, we would prefer Moodle to use only a single user account when pulling content from Confluence.  This will reduce the number of user accounts we will need to pay for with Confluence.  I understand this may violate Confluence's EULA but we haven't yet signed with them so I don't know.  If so, or a single account is simply not feasible (the logistics of many simultaneous users accessing different content through a single user account is over my head), 1:1 SSO with automatic account creation in Confluence is acceptable.

I'm gathering a couple of quotes from American MPs but there are few who will develop for a non-hosted site.  Since I understand region affects prices, local to Southern California is preferred but anywhere is the U.S. is acceptable.  I know there are many wonderful Moodlers around the world but due to the nature of my company we will only be able to accept bids from Americans when we move to the bidding stage, so cost estimates from outside the U.S. will not help me.

Thanks, folks!

Entry added by Christian Herman - Thursday, 7 February 2013, 3:13 AM
Last updated - Friday, 8 February 2013, 1:57 AM