Job offered: Boost child theme developer

Type: Contract
Location: Remote

I'm looking for a Moodle Theme developer, expert in creating child themes based on Boost.

We have a child theme created using the generic documentation from Moodle but are lost as to how to implement more features.

Here's the functionality of the feature we want to implement:

1. Instructor go to the courses and see the students tab (already implemented)

2. Students go to their courses and DO NOT see the students tab but AN INSTRUCTOR tab, (to be implemented)

And when clicked on it, students can see only those with a specific role, e.g., instructor, course instructor, non-editing role, etc.

3. The icon to open the drawer on the left must be moved to the top navigation header, and a hamberger menu tailored to our needs must be placed in its stead.

Those are the two things we want to achieve.

We also want this developer to have written documentation on how the features were applied.

We would give access to the developer via Github.

You can contact me via:

Entry added by German Bobadilla - 9 Mar 2023
Last updated - 9 Mar 2023