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Job offered: Moodle Expert and Trainer

Type: Contract
Location: Myanmar

We are looking for Moodle developer for our existing basic Moodle site (version 3.7 right now) to finish development and add a few more features. We are expanding the business into a virtual learning platform and we need a freelance expert. 

The job summary for bidding or quotation.


We have 3 jobs to be done. Please send us a quotation with separate cost for each of these 3 below:


1) To setup social-login to Moodle (facebook+google).


2) To set up 6 courses for 6 subjects for high school students

(Prior experience required. Show us your past Moodle projects.)


3) To set up learning games on Moodle. Pls, mention what games are possible. We prefer games, which helps kids learn and remember lessons.

Remark: We would like to create totally new game, a new concept for the adult gamer in the educational context.


We'd like to hear advice from you to make our site user-friendly, and to design this site fun to learn.

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