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Job offered: Moodle Plugin Developer

Type: Part-time
Location: anywhere

Hello dear!
My name is Igor. I’m Jamm School company representative.
Our online school works on moodle platform, and we are looking for developers who would be interested to cooperate with us in development of new modules and plugins to improve the online school  function.
If you’re interested in this proposition I would be glad to get in touch with you in more detail and send you the technical task to look through.

(separately for each student)

1. Sample of current grades in subjects (average in the gradebook)
2. Time spent on the site (the total amount is calculated on average per day)
3. How many tests were passed or as a percentage of the total.

CONTACT - email:

Technical task

The plugin must be implemented that:
 - Not tied to any specific course.
 - Works with a common base of students. (globally with all students in all courses)
 - Must be installed on the admin page, or integrated into the system.
If on the admin page, it should be possible to generate reports for all students or for selected students by pressing a button.
If integrated into the system, it should be possible to generate reports from the admin menu, also for all students and for selected students.


The sampling period.
 - You can start from the month, since the report will be sent to parents on a monthly basis.
 - Alternatively, implement the ability to select a floating parameter by adding the ability to select a period from
a. Week (meaning the previous 7 days from the day of the request)
b. Month (referring to the previous 30 days or the actual calendar month at the time of the request)
c. All time. (meaning the entire time span from the date of enrollment to the current sample)

Submission of estimates, which is considered the current estimate.
 - The system has an average parameter for the course, in each subject. In this case, we are talking about the derivation of this parameter as an average score.
 - The Graded Subject Presentation Layout is a simple list of subjects that the child is studying and next to it grades.

Presentation of data on the time spent on the site by means of the arithmetic average of the time spent on the site for the period.

If the period is a week, then we take the amount of time for 7 days and divide by 7 and display the result.
Depending on what period (time interval) we choose the presentation in the following form - your child, on average, spent 4.5 hours a day on the training platform for the streaming period in (and here, optionally, for a week, for a month, for all the time)

Presentation of data on the number of passed tests.

Representation as the number of tests passed from all possible tests.
That is, we take the total number of tests that are in the courses where the student is enrolled
Next, we take the number of tests for which he received at least some kind of grade
We compare two indicators by type - your child passed 17 tests out of 40 possible.
Here we take the time interval for half a year.

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