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Job offered: Course Change Tracking & Markup

Type: Contract
Location: Toronto/Canada or Online


Our institution is looking at developing a new feature set to permit better collaboration on course creation, particularly where multiple content editors and reviewers would work on a course together and have need to make notes or updates to be considered in the course design.  We are investigating any external tools which might provide this functionality, but so far it appears that nothing suitable exists, or the tool ends up being not much different to our current method of manipulating content via MS Word copies of the course content.

We are looking to outsource this development, or purchase a tool/plugin which can address these needs. 

I have included the details of the project below if this is something you would be interested in, if there are any questions you may have please feel free to reach out to me.

Purpose/Goal Statement:
We need a method to permit our SME's (Subject Matter Expert), developers and instructional design staff to be able to work on new course revisions in an efficient manner, all within the Moodle platform.   
Currently this work is performed by populating the course content into an MS Word document (translating the Moodle objects as best as they can so they are understandable in a flat Word DOCX format).  The users then work on revisions to the document in track-change mode along with document comments, and share the document (via email, OneDrive or SharePoint) to collaborate until the changes are complete.  Once the revised version has been approved, a staff member must then re-translate the course content from MS Word back into a proper Moodle course.
This presents several inefficiencies and problems:

  • The DOCX format cannot properly convey how the course is viewed or interacted with by the student; it is hard to envision what a book, wiki, H5P or other assignment is actually like in this format.  The content revisions may seem sensible "on paper", but when translated into Moodle course objects it may not make as much sense to an online learner.
  • Copying the content to another format then back into Moodle is a time wasting and rather unnecessary step.  This is also an area where data entry error can occur in one or both directions, resulting in bad, broken or incorrect content.
  • Once the DOCX is "converted" to a Moodle course there typically are a few revision cycles that need to happen to address the issues caused by the two above issues.

Key Feature Requirements:

  • Create an annotation/commenting type object which can be used throughout ALL Moodle objects, including third party/custom plugins.
    • Consider how the User Tours function in Moodle 3.x boost theme...  This might not be the right way to build this functionality, but the UI behaviour of this feature is something along the right lines of what this new functionality could work like...
  • The annotations should permit a user to highlight or circle a portion of an object (text, an image, etc) and tie a comment to it.
    • The comment could be plain text, or could be text + links, images, file attachments
    • The comment should permit other users to reply to the comment (similar to how this is done in MS Word), acknowledge the comment as "resolved"
      • This would cause the comment to display in a different colour or method, so the reviewers know that comment(s) were made to this item but have been handled and do not require further review.
  • Create an administrative page or block which has a table of contents listing highlighted/circled objects and links to them, which would permit a reviewer to easily determine what areas of the course require their attention & feedback.

Additional Requirements (Optional):
Note that these items would be an excellent addition and are welcomed as part of the project, however are not absolute "must-haves".

  • Create some form of method which actually retains a logged history of changes made to Moodle objects (ie. If I edit a label and modify the text, I should be able to see a log of the edits made, a link to the edited object, and a copy of the text/data which was in the object BEFORE it was modified).
    • This would be really some form of Revision/Version Control....
Best regards,

Entry added by Mike Haney - Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 11:27 PM
Last updated - Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 11:27 PM
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