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Publish Date Direct link to publication Type Author
April 28, 2012 South Orange-Maplewood Seventh Graders Enhance Lessons Through Technology Web article (html) Christy Potter Kass, Summary
March 6, 2012 Communication, teaching tools part of Moodle’s package Newspaper article (html) Hannah Delacourt, The Pendulum Summary
February 29, 2012 Switch to Moodle gets mixed reviews Newspaper article (html) Arielle Thomas, The Comment Summary
February 28, 2012 Moodle 2 introduced to STA for upcoming school year Newspaper article (html) Grace Sly, DartNewsOnline Summary
February 21, 2012 Transition to Moodle gathers momentum Newspaper article (html) Katherine Blunt, The Pendulum Summary
February 20, 2012 Options offered for online course management Newspaper article (html) Elite Truong, Roosevelt Torch Summary
January 18, 2012 Step aside, Blackboard: Moodle is here Newspaper article (html) Zavier Davis, The Nicholls Worth Summary
January 2, 2012 Experiences with Moodle as a Communication Tool for Design Teamwork: A User's Perspective Report (pdf) Şule TAŞLI PEKTAŞ and Halime DEMİRKAN Summary
December 6, 2011 MREA uses Wiki & Moodle Platforms for Teaching Web article (html) Jane Pulaski Summary
December 1, 2011 Oodles and Oodles of Moodle Web article (html) Sarah Aube, The Critic Summary