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Publish Date Direct link to publication Type Author
April 24, 2013 New Moodle a hit with pilot users Web article (html) Anne-Marie Curatolo, Concordia University Summary
March 28, 2013 Open source in higher education: how far have we come? Web article (html) Scott Wilson, Guardian Professional Summary
March 28, 2013 Relief, Anxiety For Students As Campus Switches To Moodle Web article (html) Elizabeth Sekkes, The Comment Summary
March 26, 2013 Social networks, social pedagogy Web article (html) Phillipa Rispin, Concordia University Summary
March 19, 2013 Catalyst delivers major Saudi Arabian training project Web article (html) Stephen Bell Summary
March 12, 2013 LATTE system to be upgraded by LTS Newspaper article (html) Ilana Kruger, The Justice Summary
March 11, 2013 A Comparison of Learning Management System Accessibility Report (html) Hadi Rangin Summary
March 8, 2013 Prison trial recreates online classrooms for remote students Newspaper article (html) Fidelis Rego, ABC News Summary
January 22, 2013 Enhancing Learning & Teamwork Skills in Moodle Presentation (ppt) Allyson Hadwin, Mariel Miller Summary
January 17, 2013 Adult School Offers Hybrid ESL Classes Web article (html) Anne Donofrio-Holter, Mid Valley News Summary