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Picture of David MonllaóDavid MonllaóAustralia 
Picture of Frédéric Massart ⭐Frédéric Massart ⭐Australia 
Sam HemelrykSam HemelrykNew Zealand 42
Rajesh TanejaRajesh TanejaAustralia 
Picture of AMOS botAMOS botAustralia 1
Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, PerthDan PoltawskiUnited Kingdom 69
Picture of Marina GlancyMarina GlancySpain 32
Picture of Ankit AgarwalAnkit AgarwalAustralia 
Picture of Petr SkodaPetr SkodaNew Zealand 
Me!Damyon WieseAustralia 48
Picture of Mark NelsonMark NelsonAustralia 
It's only an avatar...Mary EvansUnited Kingdom 
Picture of David MudrákDavid MudrákCzechia 
Picture of Yuliya BozhkoYuliya BozhkoNew Zealand 
One poor developer...Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)Spain 18
Picture of sam marshallsam marshallUnited Kingdom 
Tim at Lone Pine Koala SanctuaryTim HuntUnited Kingdom 
Coolie and AndrewAndrew NicolsAustralia 
Picture of Jérôme MouneyracJérôme MouneyracAustralia 
Picture of Andrew DavisAndrew DavisAustralia 
Picture of Adrian GreeveAdrian GreeveAustralia 
Picture of Adam OlleyAdam OlleyAustralia 
Picture of Jenny GrayJenny GrayUnited Kingdom 
Picture of Rossiani WijayaRossiani WijayaAustralia 
Picture of Eric MerrillEric MerrillUnited States 
Picture of Matteo ScaramucciaMatteo ScaramucciaItaly 
Picture of Paul NichollsPaul NichollsNew Zealand 
Picture of Michael AherneMichael AherneUnited Kingdom 
Picture of Jason FowlerJason FowlerAustralia 
My mugMichael de RaadtAustralia 
Picture of Prateek SachanPrateek SachanIndia 
Picture of Dan MarsdenDan MarsdenNew Zealand 
Picture of Charles FultonCharles FultonUnited States 
Picture of Tim LockTim LockAustralia 
Picture of Jean-Philippe GaudreauJean-Philippe GaudreauCanada 
Picture of Sam ChaffeeSam ChaffeeUnited States 
Picture of Willy LeeWilly LeeUnited States 
Picture of Andreas GrabsAndreas GrabsGermany 
Mark Nielsen in Prague, Czech Republic - 2006Mark NielsenUnited States 
Picture of Thijs KinkhorstThijs KinkhorstNetherlands 
Dongsheng CaiDongsheng CaiAustralia 
Picture of Joseph RézeauJoseph RézeauFrance 
Picture of Akinsaya DelamarreAkinsaya DelamarreCanada 
Picture of Tony LeviTony LeviAustralia 
Picture of mohamed alsharafmohamed alsharafNew Zealand 
Picture of Henning BostelmannHenning BostelmannUnited Kingdom 
Picture of Daniele CordellaDaniele CordellaItaly 
Picture of Nadav KavalerchikNadav KavalerchikIsrael 
Picture of M. N.M. N.Canada 
Simon CogginsSimon CogginsNew Zealand 
Picture of Matt PetroMatt PetroUnited States 
FredFred WoolardUnited States 
Picture of Helen FosterHelen FosterBelgium 
Picture of Jayesh AnandaniJayesh AnandaniIndia 
Anton Fletcher 
William Tam 
Picture of Nitzan BarNitzan BarIsrael 
Picture of Alain CorbièreAlain CorbièreFrance 
Picture of Filip BenčoFilip BenčoCzechia 
DavoDavo SmithUnited Kingdom 
Picture of Joshua JohnstonJoshua JohnstonUnited States 
Picture of Michael MiletteMichael MiletteCanada 
Picture of Francis DevineFrancis DevineNew Zealand 
Picture of John BeedellJohn BeedellUnited Kingdom 
Picture of Aaron BarnesAaron BarnesNew Zealand 
Picture of Jean-Michel VédrineJean-Michel VédrineFrance 
Picture of Charles SeveranceCharles SeveranceUnited States 
Picture of James HenestofelJames HenestofelUnited States 
Picture of Jody SteeleJody SteeleCanada 
Picture of Juan LeyvaJuan LeyvaSpain 
Gareth J BarnardGareth J BarnardUnited Kingdom 
Picture of Colin CampbellColin CampbellUnited States 
Picture of Ray MorrisRay MorrisUnited States