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  • General

  • Background of Moodle Learning Analytics

    ideaWhat is Project Inspire? How did it start?

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  • New! Contribute Model Data!

    You can now contribute an exported model file with no exposure of site or user data! Learn how!

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  • How to Participate in Learning Analytics Data Collection

    participateWould you like to help us improve Moodle Learning Analytics? We need your data!

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  • Roadmap & Working Group - Get Involved!

    keyInstitutions use Moodle in many different ways, and have many different needs. Tell us yours!

    Moodle Learning Analytics has been released in core starting in version 3.4! We are still collecting data for analysis to improve our Descriptive and Predictive analytics features. Read about our hopes and dreams here, and share your own. This section provides more details about the kinds of information we are requesting from Moodlers, and explains how this information will be used to tailor the predictions and advisements of Moodle Learning Analytics. In this section we also ask you to get involved -- describe your goals, suggest indicators, and comment on prototypes as we make them available for review.

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