| Monday, 19 July 2004 |
Global event

MoodleMoot UK (Oxford)

5:30 PM » Tuesday, 20 July, 12:30 AM
The first UK and International one-day conference for users and developers of moodle will be taking place in Oxford, England, on July 19th 2004.

The conference will be broadcast live, starting at 9:00 AM GMT. You will need RealOne or Realplayer 10, for PC, MAC or Linux, and a connection with at least 150kb/s (pretty much any broadband connection) in order to view the broadcast.   An archive of the broadcast sessions will be available from the Moodlemoot web site after the conference.

     Click Here to view the live broadcast!

There will also be a chat room active all day, which will be monitored by people at the conference.

     Click here to access the live chat room!