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General plugins (Local) ::: local_moodlecheck
Maintained by Marina Glancy, One poor developer...Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
Tool for Moodle developers: allows to check phpdocs in the code for compliance with Moodle Coding Style.
Latest release:
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Current versions available: 2

The latest version of this plugin is available on github

Install the source into the local/moodlecheck directory in your moodle

Log in as admin and select:

Settings -> Site administration -> Development -> Moodle PHPdoc check

enter paths to check and select rules to use.


You can add new rules by adding new php files in rules/ directory, they will be included automatically. Look at other files in this directory for examples.

Please note that if you register the rule with code 'mynewrule', the rule registry will look in language file for strings 'rule_mynewrule' and 'error_mynewrule'. If they are not present, the rule code will be used instead of the rule name and
default error message appears.


This plugin is part of set Moodle development.


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Screenshot #1


Marina Glancy (Lead maintainer)
One poor developer...
Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)
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