Easy Enrollments block

The Easy Enrollments block is block with form from Easy Enrollments method, which was available only in supported themes. From now you can use this enrolment method properly without supported theme prerequisity.

Leeloo LXP Content API Plugin

This plugin handles the authenticated API calls to sync the content plugins data from Leeloo LXP to Moodle LMS.

Leeloo LXP Content Filter

The Leeloo LXP Content Filter allows you to use shortcodes on a page without a { content – region } and display any of the Leeloo LXP Content Plugins from the Suite in the { content – region }.

Microsoft Word File Import/Export

This plugin is a shell plugin that has dependencies on all Microsoft Word File Import/Export set plugins. Installing this plugin forces installation of the complete set.

Pop up activities

The Pop up activities course format displays resources and simple activities embedded in modals instead of redirecting from the course page.

Secure PDF

Share your PDF to students without letting them to download or save it.


This is a quiz report plugin to export quiz attempts as pdf

Microsoft Word file Import/Export (Lesson)

Import the contents of a Word file in '.docx' format file into a Lesson, splitting it into pages based on the "Heading 1" style. Also supports exporting lessons to Word format, for round-trip editing.


A simple notetaker activity that allows a student to create notes within a course.

Ad-hoc filter for UbiCast Atto plugin

Starting in the next release of atto_ubicast, an HTML tag will be injected instead. This tag's usage is unrestricted and is then turned into an iframe at the rendering stage by this plugin.

Single choice (ETH)

Teachers can have more than one (single) true/false question in same stem. this saves creating new questions for each stem. especially when it comes to an essay followed by many questions.

Category Duplicate

Local Plugin for duplicating a category and all it sub categories and courses to a new empty category. Usefull for new year creation.

Simple calculator

Simple calculator block for moodle to do simple calculations.


Block of integration of EvalCOMIX web service in Moodle 3.6 onwards. EvalCOMIX is a web service designed to create and deploy assessment tools

WIMS Course

Add a WIMS class as an activity.

Learning Plan Auto-complete

With this plugin installed, all learning plans will be marked as complete when all their competencies are completed by the user.

Custom registration form

This plugin has been developed to allow administrators to add user fields to the registration form.

moofactory Notifications

moofactory-Notifications is a plugin that allows to send customized and personalized e-mails for course registrations, reminders for calendar events or non-connection.

Leeloo LXP SSO

It acts as a Login and Identity provider for Leeloo LXP.


Plugin filter to create Merise schema from text ([Mocodo](http://mocodo.wingi.net/) format).

Flask soffice

This is a tool that enables Moodle to use a separat Linux server with LibreOffice for converting documents. For example, this is useful in assignment submissions. In combination with a Linux Ubuntu server with LibreOffice, submitted text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are automatically converted to PDF to simplify the grading workflow.

Restriction by Enrolment date

This is an availability plugin to restrict the access of activity based on the user enrolment date

Self cohort

This plugins allow users to self register themselves as cohort members to a list of cohorts pre-selected by the site administrators.