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Plugin for Videoteca integration with Moodle repository.
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Video Library is a Content Management System (CMS) solution for securely publishing and organizing videos. It has advanced features for storage and delivery of audiovisual content. Ideal for education and training institutions both in the beginning and in those with a large amount of content and want to migrate to a platform with better management and security.

You can integrate your LMS (Learning Management System) to our platform through APIs and provide your students a unique and safe experience.

This plugin requires a videoteca license, which is commercial software. For more details, see

The listing of videos

The Video Library is totally organized by a system of customizable folders that assists in the organization and systematization of the user's content.

Playback quality

The Video Library has native support for Dynamic Stream. This allows your videos to work just like Youtube, detecting the user's bandwidth and automatically selecting the best quality according to the user's internet.


Access to the videos is by Token HMAC which brings high security. Through it is generated a HASH HMAC that is practically impossible to decipher.

O acesso aos vídeos é por Token HMAC que traz uma segurança elevada. Através dele é gerado um HASH HMAC que é praticamente impossível decifrar.

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Eduardo Kraus (Lead maintainer)
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