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Repository to access the content of your notes from your Evernote account.
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This repository allows you to browse your notes and download the files they contain. Access your notes via your notebooks, tags and saved searchs. You can also use the powerful search provided by Evernote.

Advanced search

The search field supports the advanced search syntax common to Evernote applications. Find out more at Using Evernote's advanced search operators and Evernote Search Grammar.

How to install

  • Request a 'Full access' API key from Evernote Developers and activate the key on their production servers (see menu Resources > Activate an API key).
  • Copy the content of this repository in repository/evernote.
  • Go to your admin notifications page to install the plugin.
  • Navigate to Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories to enable it.
  • Enter your consumer key and secret in the settings page.


This plugin is part of set Evernote.


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Picture of Frédéric Massart ⭐
Frédéric Massart ⭐ (Lead maintainer)
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