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Question types: Perl-Compatible Regular Expression

Maintained by Picture of Oleg Sychev Oleg Sychev
A question that could check student's response against several regular expressions and could give next character and next word hints. If you do not know what regular expression is, it could also work like Moodle Shortanswer question with hints, just choose "Moodle shortanswer" as notation and you could enter answers just like in shortanswer question type.


This plugin is part of set Perl-Compatible Regular Expression Set.

This question requires 5 other plugins to work. If you want easy install, download full archive from our Google Code site. You could unpack it into Moodle core folder (the one with config.php) and it will place anything where it belongs.

If you want to fully use Authoring Tools, you should also have Open Source Graphviz packet installed and path to it specified into Moodle. It is necessary to draw Syntax Tree and Explaining Graph.


Picture of Oleg Sychev
Oleg Sychev (Lead maintainer): Idea, design, question type and behaviours code, hinting, error reporting, regular expression testing (authoring tool)
Picture of Valeriy Streltsov
Valeriy Streltsov: Regex parsing, NFA regex matching engine, matchers testing, backup&restore, unicode support, selection in regex text (in authoring tools)
Picture of Dmitry Pahomov
Dmitry Pahomov: Regex description (authoring tool)
Picture of Vladimir Ivanov
Vladimir Ivanov: Explaining graph (authoring tool)
Picture of Grigory Terekhov
Grigory Terekhov: Syntax tree (authoring tool)
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