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Maintained by Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine Jean-Michel Védrine, Picture of Eoin Campbell Eoin Campbell
The all-or-nothing multiple choice question is a version of the core multi-answer multiple choice question with modified grading. In an all-or-nothing multiple choice question, a respondent can choose one or more answers. If the chosen answers correspond exactly to the correct choices defined in the question, the respondent gets 100%. If he/she chooses any incorrect choices or does not select all of the correct choices, the grade is 0%.
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All or Nothing Question
This is a multiple-choice, multiple-response question type that was created by
Adriane Boyd and latter maintained by Jean-Michel Vedrine.
It is now maintained by Eoin Campbell


The all or nothing question is adapted from the existing multichoice question.
The main difference from the standard Moodle multiple choice question type is
in the way that grading works.
The teacher editing interface is slightly modified as when creating the question, the teacher just
indicates which choices are correct.


In an all-or-nothing multiple choice question, a respondent can choose one or more answers.
If the chosen answers correspond exactly to the correct choices defined in the question, the respondent gets 100%.
If he/she chooses any incorrect choices or does not select all of the correct choices, the grade is 0%.
Before using this questiontype, teachers must really think if this grading is what they want.


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Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine
Jean-Michel Védrine (Lead maintainer)
Picture of Eoin Campbell
Eoin Campbell: New maintainer
Picture of Adriane Boyd
Adriane Boyd: Original Author
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  • Germán and temudgin
    Fri, 11 Aug 2017, 12:02 AM
    This question actually works in Moodle 3.3.1 smile . The documentation at has been improved with text and images.
  • Picture of Csaba Vágvölgyi
    Sat, 19 Aug 2017, 4:06 PM
    Did you test this? Do you have any information about a new release?
  • Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine
    Thu, 21 Dec 2017, 10:31 PM
    Hello, I have made some tests and it seems to work with no problem with Moodle versions up to 3.4 and 3.5 dev. Il have also corrected the link to the updated documentation (Thanks a lot to German Valero for working on this)
  • Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine
    Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 4:50 PM
    Welcome to Eoin Campbell as the new maintainer of this plugin the official git repository of this plugin is now
  • Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine
    Wed, 31 Jan 2018, 4:53 PM
    Please if you test the Moodle mobile 2 support included in the 1.6 version and if you find any problem (or if you find that all is working wink ) report here your finding because as I am retired and don't have a Moodle website now I am a bit nervous about releasing a feature that I was not able to test.
  • Picture of Bojan Zugec
    Tue, 25 Sep 2018, 7:41 PM
    Hello to all. I'm using this plugin frequently on my website. I have installed the latest Moodle app on my phone, but this All-or-Nothing plugin doesn't work. It would be phenomenal if someone could make it work with the mobile app. There are instructions here on how to adjust plugins to work with the latest app, but I still don't feel confident enough to dive into this adjustment.
  • Picture of Eoin Campbell
    Wed, 26 Sep 2018, 3:11 AM
    That would be very nice indeed, and on a brief look at the documentation, it now seems more feasible. However, I'm very busy with the start of the new academic year at the moment, so it will be a while before I can take it on.
  • Picture of Philipp Steingrebe
    Fri, 28 Sep 2018, 3:14 PM
    I'm on it, but it looks like the new "simpler" API is not suitable for qtype_multichoiceset. Since from the app point of view it behaves exactly like a common qtype_multichoice (the evaluation is done serverside). According to Juan Leyva's release notes the old concept of remote add-ons should still work if the add-on is ported to ionic 3. But so far I wasn't able to figure out how to bundle the ported add-on.
  • Picture of Cameron Hallowell
    Tue, 8 Jan 2019, 10:34 AM
    I have changed our default settings to turn automatic numbering off (no numbering) when we import GIFT or create new questions. When creating new All-or-nothing questions the default setting for "number the choices" is set to a,b,c and not "no numbering". How can I change the default setting to be no numbering?
  • Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine
    Tue, 8 Jan 2019, 5:52 PM
    Hello Cameron,
    to make the all or nothing question type respect your choice of answernumbering, you can do the following change
    In the question/type/multichoiceset/edit_multichoiceset_form.php file
    Change the line:
    $mform->setDefault('answernumbering', 'abc');
    $mform->setDefault('answernumbering', get_config('qtype_multichoice', 'answernumbering'));
    I am no more maintaining this question type but that seems as a sensible change to me. Maybe You can ask Eoin Campbell, the new maintainer to do that change in the plugin ?
  • Picture of Eoin Campbell
    Wed, 9 Jan 2019, 4:56 AM
    Thanks Jean-Michel, I have implemented this fix and it seems to work fine. I released v1.6.2
  • Picture of Bojan Zugec
    Fri, 11 Jan 2019, 5:39 PM
    Greetings to all! Thanks for taking care of this plugin and keeping it up to date. This latest update works excellent on the website but, unfortunately, I still can't make it to work with the latest mobile app. I thought it was me, so I installed another question type plugin that should work with the app: Gapfill, However, this Gapfill plugin works ok with the app and our plugin still doesn't. Could someone please help me with this issue? Thanks in advance!
  • Picture of Cameron Hallowell
    Wed, 16 Jan 2019, 5:43 AM
    Is there an effective way to batch upload multichoiceset questions in a GIFT format. If not, what are my alternatives other than cut and paste?
  • Picture of Alexander Okon
    Sat, 19 Jan 2019, 4:28 PM
    Unfortunately after upgrading to the latest version login to the moodle-Page is not longer possible for admins. There is no such problem for the students. But for admin the page after login (/admin/index.php) is completely blank / empty. Any ideas how to fix that issue?
  • Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine
    Sat, 19 Jan 2019, 4:52 PM
    Some answers to recent comments:
    To Bozan Zugec: sorry but this part of the plugin was contributed by somebody else, I know nothing about the mobile app, I don't have it running so I am unable to help fixing that problem
    To Cameron Hallowell: There is no easy way to upload multichoiceset questions using the GIFT format because this format is not "open": it wasn't created to easily allow new question types. On the contrary the Moodle XML format is more open and extensible. and I have created a plugin that import all multichoice questions as all or nothing questions, see So maybe you could try to create your questions as ordinary multichoice questions in a GIFT file, import the result into Moodle, export it as a Moodle XML file and re-import the result using qformat_multichoiceset. Of course this introduce more step to the process but maybe if you have a large number of questions to import that would result in a more rapid process than creating the questions one by one.
    To Alexander Okon: Sorry you have problem with the last update, but I can't see how the changes introduced by Eoin Campbell in the last version could cause that kind of problem. Maybe something has go wrong in the upgrade process and one of your files is corrupted ? try to replace all files in the question/type/multichoiceset subfolder by new ones freshly downloaded from the plugin directory. If this doesn't solve your problem go to the site administration and activate debugging to see if any error message is displayed that would help to diagnoze the problem.
    As a general note: If you want some help, it would be a lot better to post a message in the Quiz forum, answering to your comments on this page is very painful for me as there is no formatting, no way to include images or to attach files. Thanks
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