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Cloze (fill in the blanks) question type with VERY simple question creation syntax. Can do drag drop, dropdowns or gapfill questions
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Moodle 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9

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  • Picture of Leandro C.
    Wed, Sep 25, 2019, 10:01 PM
    Good Morning Mr. Marcus Green.

    I have been used your plugin for last six months and so far I had no problems. After I update my System, the Google Chrome (Version 77.0.3865.90 64 bits) started to place the distractors words on line, ignoring page boundaries, as you can see in the attachments.

    This problem does not occur with the Firefox browser, version 50 (Old Version)

    Apahis problem noche 2.4.28 (Debian)
    Php 7.3.4-2
    Debian 10 (Buster)
    MariaDB 10.3.15 Database Server
    Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 64 bits
  • Picture of Marcus Green
    Wed, Sep 25, 2019, 10:05 PM
    Hi Leandro, could you email me directly at marcusgreen @, I will see if I can identify the problem.
  • Picture of Denis Le Gourriérec
    Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 12:24 AM
    Hi Marcus,
    great plugin, exactly what I was looking for.
    However, I have the same problem as Leandro if I use the latest Opera. No problem on the latest Firefox though.
    Any solution ? thanks
  • Picture of Marcus Green
    Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 12:37 AM
    Hi Denis, glad you like it. There was an issue with the way the Chrome rendering engine works, and I think Opera uses that engine. I have released a version that works around it and you can read about it (and test the new version) here
    Let me know if that is the issue.
  • Picture of Denis Le Gourriérec
    Thu, Oct 17, 2019, 4:01 AM
    Hi Marcus,
    thank you so much for your quick response.
    I updated the plugin through Moodle and I confirm that the boxes now appear in several lines within the boundaries instead of one long line as described by Leandro.
    Problem solved. Many thanks!

  • Picture of Joaquín Peña
    Sat, May 30, 2020, 10:21 PM
    Hi Marcus,
    This is Joaquín Peña from Spain. Since I upgraded to this last version, my embeded mp3 files now show as a link and not as a player. Perphaps this is normal behaviour or perphaps it is some kind of buggy stuff.

    Thanks so much for such a nice pluggin and your dedication
  • Picture of Marcus Green
    Sun, May 31, 2020, 1:53 AM
    Can you open an issue ticket here and give you moodle version, question type version and the theme you are using.
  • Picture of Elena Safiulina
    Thu, Jun 11, 2020, 2:46 PM
    Dear all !

    In recent years, GapFill questions have worked wonderfully with formulas that are not written in LaTeX. A few days ago, my colleagues and I found that all formulas stay with dollar signs. Perhaps this is due to the latest updates. Is there any hope that the LaTeX will be readable or that all questions will have to be redone?
  • Picture of Marcus Green
    Thu, Jun 11, 2020, 2:54 PM
    Could you post an example in the quiz forum. I don't quite understand your question. It will not allow LaTex to be used for the answer for gaps which is mentioned in the documentation here
  • Picture of Elena Safiulina
    Thu, Jun 11, 2020, 6:19 PM
    Post is in the quiz forum "GapFill with Latex"
  • Picture of Hartmut Karrasch
    Fri, Jul 3, 2020, 7:11 PM
    We have a problem using the latest version of gapfill "Database Error"
    Moodle-Version 3.8.3+

    Debug-Info: Unknown column 'letterhints' in 'field list'
    SELECT answerdisplay, delimitchars, casesensitive, noduplicates, disableregex, fixedgapsize, optionsaftertext, letterhints FROM mdl_question_gapfill WHERE question = ?
    [array (
    0 => '32409',
    Error code: dmlreadexception
    Stack trace:

    line 486 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: dml_read_exception thrown
    line 1247 of /lib/dml/mysqli_native_moodle_database.php: call to moodle_database->query_end()
    line 1587 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: call to mysqli_native_moodle_database->get_records_sql()
    line 1559 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: call to moodle_database->get_record_sql()
    line 1538 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: call to moodle_database->get_record_select()
    line 824 of /question/type/questiontypebase.php: call to moodle_database->get_record()
    line 69 of /question/type/gapfill/questiontype.php: call to question_type->get_question_options()
    line 949 of /lib/questionlib.php: call to qtype_gapfill->get_question_options()
    line 1018 of /lib/questionlib.php: call to _tidy_question()
    line 175 of /mod/quiz/attemptlib.php: call to get_question_options()
    line 169 of /mod/quiz/locallib.php: call to quiz->load_questions()
    line 2459 of /mod/quiz/locallib.php: call to quiz_start_new_attempt()
    line 111 of /mod/quiz/startattempt.php: call to quiz_prepare_and_start_new_attempt()
    Any hints?
  • Picture of Marcus Green
    Fri, Jul 3, 2020, 7:54 PM
    A new column was introduced to the main table within the last few releases, and it looks like your installation does not have it.
    Email me directly at marcusgreen at
  • Gain Oloya
    Fri, Jul 10, 2020, 2:03 PM
    I get validation error but my site is Moodle 3.1?
  • Picture of Marcus Green
    Fri, Jul 10, 2020, 3:17 PM
    That is not enough information to comment, what message did you get?
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