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Provides a complete tool to create Rich Media activities onto Moodle.
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A rich media is defined here as a video content synchronized with your courseware (slides, pictures, tables, etc.). With this module, two versions of a rich media player are given: a full-featured flash version and a simplified html5 version. Another tool is also provided to ease the synchronization of your courseware with the main video.

To create a Rich Media activity, you have to :

- Upload your video (mp4, flv or ogv format)

- Upload an archive of your "slides" repository

- Upload or create your synchronization file (xml)

Release note :

- Lot of bugs fixed (fullscreen, sync, ...)

- Sync with .srt file

- External link to the video file

- New HTML5 Player

Example of settings.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <movie src="video/video.flv"/>
    <design logo="logo.png" font="Verdana" background="background.jpg" fontcolor="0xFFFFFF"/>
    <options presenter="1" comment="0" defaultview="false" btnfullscreen="true" btninverse="false" autoplay="false"/>
    <presenter name="Adrien Jamot" biography="" title="Developer"/>
        <title target="fdPresentationTitle" label="Title"/>
        <title target="fdMovieTitle" label=""/>
        <title target="fdSlideTitle" label=""/>
        <step id="0" label="Introduction" comment="" framein="0" slide="Slide1.JPG"/>
        <step id="1" label="Content" comment="" framein="8" slide="Slide2.JPG"/>
        <step id="2" label="Conclusion" comment="" framein="31" slide="Slide3.JPG"/>


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Screenshot #1


Picture of Adrien Jamot
Adrien Jamot (Lead maintainer)
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