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Activities: HotPot

HotPot module for Moodle 2.x
Maintained by: Picture of Gordon Bateson Gordon Bateson

The Hotpot activity module allows teachers to administer Hot Potatoes and TexToys quizzes via Moodle. These quizzes are created on the teacher's computer and then uploaded to the Moodle course. After students have attempted the quizzes, a number of reports are available which show how individual questions were answered and some statistical trends in the scores.


Picture of Gordon Bateson
Gordon Bateson (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of Matt Smith
    Wed, Jul 4, 2012, 7:37 AM
    I have also tried running this command in SQL>

    ALTER TABLE mdl_hotpot MODIFY COLUMN grademethod SMALLINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 after grade

    which returns #1054 - Unknown column 'grade' in 'mdl_hotpot'

    Is it possible to go from 2008011200 version to 2010080341?
  • Picture of Gordon Bateson
    Wed, Jul 11, 2012, 7:40 AM
    Hi everyone,
    all issues with upgrading are now fixed as far as I know. You can upgrade from any version to the latest version.

    Please be aware that comments posted in this comment area are not automatically forwarded to me.

    Therefore, if you wish to ask questions about the HotPot module, or report an issue, the best places to do so is either on the Moodle Tracker or on the Moodle HotPot forum. You will get faster and better response that way.

    * Moodle Tracker (Contrib):
    * Moodle HotPot forum:

    best regards
  • Picture of Dan Trockman
    Tue, Oct 15, 2013, 12:02 AM
    Current settings do not allow updates. Please check version restrictions on I ended up manually updating because automatic download would not do Ver. 79 or 80 from 78.
  • Picture of Rick Sparrow
    Fri, Oct 18, 2013, 11:17 PM
    I haven't had any problems updating the HotPot plug-in using Moodle's auto-update feature until today. There's been several hotpot updates the past few weeks and all have installed fine until today when I tried to install version 3.81 (2010080381) and got a "Oops! It did it again Moodle deployment utility had a trouble with your request. exception 'download_file_exception' with message 'Unable to download the package' in mdeploy.php:726.

    Anyone else seeing this?
  • Picture of Simon Allison
    Mon, Nov 25, 2013, 6:45 PM
    Hi Rick, yes seem to have the same issue.
  • Picture of Gordon Bateson
    Mon, Nov 25, 2013, 7:52 PM
    Simon, I think you can fix your issue by downloading and installing the latest version of the HotPot module. I believe that is how Rick fixed the issue he was having.
  • Picture of Chris Wharton
    Fri, Dec 13, 2013, 8:56 AM

    I get this error when upgrading the plugin to the latest version, on Moodle 2.6.

    ++ Subplugin type "hotpotattempt" should define class "\mod_hotpot\plugininfo\hotpotattempt" ++
    line 435 of /lib/classes/plugin_manager.php: call to debugging()
    line 367 of /lib/classes/plugin_manager.php: call to core_plugin_manager::resolve_plugininfo_class()
    line 328 of /lib/classes/plugin_manager.php: call to core_plugin_manager->get_plugins_of_type()
    line 719 of /lib/classes/plugin_manager.php: call to core_plugin_manager->get_plugins()
    line 119 of /admin/cli/upgrade.php: call to core_plugin_manager->all_plugins_ok()

    Thanks, Chris
  • Picture of Gordon Bateson
    Fri, Dec 13, 2013, 9:40 AM
    Chris, please update to the latest version of the HotPot module.
  • Picture of Cori Ellison
    Mon, Dec 23, 2013, 8:11 PM
    We are preparing to upgrade our Moodle from 2.4.1 to 2.5 and have updated all our plugins in preparation. (Working on development server). HotPot gives us this error which we can't seem to find a way around:

    Higher version already installed! There is a new version 2013111688 available!

    The error message is as follows:
    Debug info:
    Error code: cannotdowngrade

    Stack trace: ◦line 658 of \lib\upgradelib.php: downgrade_exception thrown
    ◦line 360 of \lib\upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins_modules()
    ◦line 1544 of \lib\upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins()
    ◦line 349 of \admin\index.php: call to upgrade_noncore()

    Any help appreciated,
  • Picture of Gorn ---
    Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 5:44 PM
    I've updated Hotpot to the latest version today, but when I use it in a course I get the following error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method cm_info::get_formatted_name() in mod/hotpot/lib.php on line 509
  • Picture of Gordon Bateson
    Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 8:34 PM
    Gorn, thanks for telling me about that. The issue affected Moodle 2.3 and earlier. I have fixed it now. Please upgrade your HotPot module when you have time. regards, Gordon
  • Picture of Gorn ---
    Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 10:50 PM
    Thanks a lot, Gordon, the plugin works now. We're using Moodle 2.4.7+, so this version was affected as well.
  • Picture of Gordon Bateson
    Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 11:39 PM
    Thanks for the extra info Gorn. Glad to know HotPot is working again for you now. Phew!
  • Picture of Francis Feytout
    Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 5:17 PM
    I have some troubles to get hotpot working with touchscreens (Ipad & Android). I can neither click nor drag & drop a quizz item. It looks like the events are not processed at all, do you have any idea how to fix that ?
    Thank you. smile
  • Picture of Gordon Bateson
    Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 5:53 PM
    Francis, I suggest you post your question on the Moodle HotPot forum as there people there who have experience in using HP with touch screens.
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