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Module allowing the management of a learning by concordance activity, including the management of the panel of experts and the compilation of the answers.
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Learning by concordance (LbC) is an online training modality which places the participants in professional situation and which requests micro-judgments on frequently encountered questions in practice. The LbC module of management allows you to carry out the key stages of the pedagogical scenario of a LbC.

For each question to which the participant answers, an automated feedback appears, based on the answers previously given by members of a reference panel.

The configuration wizard will guide you through each of the steps that make up the activity of managing a learning by concordance activity.

Setup phase

The setup phase allows you to plan your learning by concordance activity. You can:

  • Review your activity settings and make corrections as needed.
  • Select and manage the panelists who will be part of your activity.

Each time a step is completed, a green check will appear instead of the gray check.

Edit settings

This brings you back to the page to change the settings of the activity, mostly the description for the panelists and the description for the students. Those two descriptions will be shown with the generated quizzes, respectively for the panelists and the students.

Select the quiz for panelists

Before starting this step, make sure that you have previously created a quiz with questions of type "Script concordance test". Refer to the documentation for this plugin for more information.

Then, select the quiz that the panelists will answer.

Manage panelists

In this page, you can add, edit or delete the panelists who will be invited to answer your quiz. For each panelist, enter the first name, last name and email address. You can also write the biography of this panelist at your convenience (Please note that the biography will not be visible to the students, only to the teacher for the moment).

Answers by panelists phase

Contact panelists

This page allows you to contact the panelists and send them a link to invite them to answer your quiz.

When you have sent the invitation to your panelists, you will be able to view the quiz status for each of them to see if they have answered the quiz.

When all your panelists have answered the quiz, you can move on to the next phase.

Generation for students phase

Generate the quiz for students

This page allows you to select the panelists who previously answered to the quiz you sent them during the "Answers by panelists phase".

When you have finished selecting the panelists, click Generate. Moodle will generate the quiz for your students and add it on your course page.

Please note that Moodle will not automatically display the quiz for your students. In addition, the quiz generated for the students becomes completely independent. You will be able to import it from one course to another and modify it at your convenience.

Installation and configuration

  • Before installing the plugin, it is suggested to create a new category of courses. This category will contain temporary courses created automatically for the panelists. When you install the plugin, you just have to choose this category for the setting "categorypanelcourses".
  • This plugin has a dependency with the "Script concordance test" question type plugin.


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