Codeposty SMS Sender

Messaging outputs ::: message_codeposty
Maintained by maktabemajazi.comMaktabe
Codespoty sends SMS from moodle using the SMS services of and it is based on the SMS platforms of Iran.
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This plugins sends SMS based on the Message Output system of the moodle and it is work with the SMS platforms of Iran. The primarily SMS webservice that it is using is the SMS webservices you can get an SMS panel from to enable this module.


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Maktabe (Lead maintainer)
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  • Thu, Nov 5, 2015, 9:39 PM

    Hi. Thanks for sharing the plugin with the community. Before we proceed with the approval review, please provide the missing source code URL and bug tracker URL (see Plugin check above for details).

    Additionally, I noticed that your version.php file does not contain valid value for the $plugin->maturity value. Also, you probably want to set $plugin->release to a human readable version number of the plugin. See for details.

    Marking as needing more work now. Please schedule for re-approval once a new updated version is uploaded and missing metadata (URLs) are filled.

  • Thu, Nov 26, 2015, 7:06 PM
  • Thu, Nov 26, 2015, 8:04 PM

    Thanks for sharing this plugin with the community. While reviewing the code, I detected some areas that should be improved in a future version of the plugin. Please find them reported in your issues tracker. With the hope they will be fixed eventually, you are cleared to now. Welcome to the Plugins directory!

  • Mon, Feb 25, 2019, 12:58 PM
    Very valuable information, it is not at all blogs that we find this, congratulations I was looking for something like that and found it here.
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