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This is moodle plugin for exporting grades in PDF format. It is developed by using "Moodle PDF library"
Maintained by: Picture of brami petluri brami petluri
for Moodle
2.2, 2.3, 2.4




Picture of brami petluri
brami petluri (Lead maintainer)
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  • MD shot of me from his iphone4
    Tue, Oct 23, 2012, 6:41 PM
    note: the read me.txt mentions a path with D: etc.. just extract to 'grade/export' under your dirroot.
  • Picture of Daniel Lombardo
    Wed, May 15, 2013, 11:44 PM
    doesn't install on Moodle 2.4.1 - am I missing something?
  • Picture of brami petluri
    Thu, Jun 6, 2013, 2:55 PM
    pls try with moodle 244
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