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Converts TI-Nspire document links (.tns and .tnsp) into TI-Nspire Document Player instances. This allows for the documents to be viewed within Moodle.
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Moodle 2.0, 2.1, 2.2


This plugin simplifies the process of using TI-Nspire document content in Moodle pages.  It accomplishes this by automatically converting a link which leads to a TI-Nspire document into an embedded TI-Nspire Document Player applet.  This will allow you to embed interactive TI-Nspire content directly into your Moodle coursework.


As with all Moodle plugins you will need an administrator account and filesystem access on your moodle server for installation.

  1. Locate your ‘moodle/filter’ folder.  This folder should contain other folders like ‘algebra’, ‘urltolink’, and ‘tex’.
  2. Unpack the plugin Zip file into moodle/filter folder
  3. Verify that you have ‘moodle/filter/tinspireurlconverter/filter.php’.  Depending on your Zip software you may end up with more than one tinspireurlconverter folder nested inside.  If this happens you will need to remove the extra folders.
  4. Login to Moodle as a Site Administrator
  5. Go to Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Manage Filters
  6. Find TI-Nspire URL Converter in the list of Filters
  7. Change the Active? setting to On.   This will automatically be saved and the plugin is now installed and ready for use.


This plugin does not currently have any configuration settings. 


Using a Link

If the TI-Nspire document you are using is already in Moodle or on a web server, you can simple add a link to it on your page and it will be automatically converted into a Ti-Nspire Document Player.  To do this, simple add a Link (using the Link tool in the editor) leading to the document.

For more convienient usage you can use this plugin in conjunction with the ‘Convert URLs into links and images’ filter that is built in to Moodle.  Make sure that the TI-Nspire URL Convert is after (below) the Convert URLs filter and that you have enabled all the options from the 'Convert URLs into Links and Images' plugin. 

Moodle Convert URLs plugin settings

The built-in filter will convert a plain url that simply typed or pasted into the Moodle editor into a Link automatically.  Therefore that plugin can first turn the URL into a Link then this plugin can turn the Link into the TI-Nspire Document player.

For example, after both plugins are enabled you can simply paste the following URL into a Moodle page and it will be automatically converted into a Link (by the Convert URLs plugin), then converted to a TI-Nspire Document Player (by this plugin).

TI-Nspire Document Player in Moodle

You can customize the Player by adding query parameters to the URL.  For example you can change the width and height of the Player by adding ?width=500&height=300 to the end of your URL.  A question mark is used to separate the URL from the options.  Ampersands ‘&’ are used to separate the different options.

Available Options


The width in pixels between 320 and 2000


The height in pixels between 240 and 2000


Keep the toolbar visible at all times.  yes or no, default is no


Allow the user to open documents.  yes or no, default is no


If you specify this option, the link will not be converted into the player.  Useful in cases where you have an occasional need to just link to a TI-Nspire document without showing the Player.

For example to display the plugin at 500x300 resolution:

To just show a link to download the TNS and NOT show the Player:

Using the "Moodle Media" Button

1. Add a new “Page” to a course.
2. In the “Page Content” editor click the “Moodle Media” button in the toolbar

Moodle Media Button
3. This pops up a new window that looks like this:

Moodle Media Window

4. Click on the Find or Upload a Sound, Video or Applet Click “Upload a file” and use “Choose File” to select a TNS or TNSP file and click “Upload this file”. It will return you to the previous window and show you a broken preview.  This is annoying and I am unable to fix this as this is a problem in the Moodle Media plugin.  However, it still works once it's on your page.  Only the preview is broken.

Moodle Media Window with Broken Preview

5. Click “Insert”.  This will add a link to your page.

Moodle Page Editor with Link

6. Save your page.  This plugin should now convert that link into a TI-Nspire Document Player.



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  • Picture of Wanda Dechant
    Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 2:39 AM
    Does anyone know if the TI Nspire filter will work with Moodle 2.5?
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