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Put videos from into your moodle text.
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Content Delivery Network - filter for moodle2.x using content at "Bits on the run".
This filter turns bitsontherun video links into signed URLs. This effectively prevents leeching.
No HTML or SCRIPT tags needed.

Bits On The Run is a video CDN service and offers free professional CDN for everybody.
This makes it very attractive for teachers and schools to put large size content there instead of
loading videos to the moodle data server.

Mit diesem Filter ist es möglich den CDN Service von BitsOnTheRun zu nutzen, um Videos in moodle2.x einzubauen, die nicht öffentlich sein müssen,(wie z.B. in YouTube.) und trotzdem nicht den Server belasten.
BitsOnTheRun bietet geringe Mengen auch kostenlos an.
Ohne HTML oder Script-Tags.

The maintainer has no business relation with bitsontherun or longtailvideo other than customer status.

The development was supported by the perfect IDE phpStorm from jetBrains.

Please contact me for further questions

Guido Hornig


Guido Hornig (Lead maintainer)
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  • Guido
    Sat, 9 Mar 2013, 7:15 PM
    If you download it, please give me a short feedback.
    Is the filter usefull?
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