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Blocks ::: block_todo
Maintained by David Mudrák
Simple plugin implementing a personal ToDo list on the user's Moodle dashboard.
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  • The block can be added on the user's Dashboard page only. It has been designed like that on purpose, please do not report requirement to make this block available at other places. The reason is that with multiple instances, users might assume separate lists in each block. But there is a single list for each user.
  • Users can add todo items, delete them and/or mark them as done. Rewording the existing item is not supported (if you need it, create a new item and delete the old one).


Apart from being quite useful per se, the main purpose of this plugin is to demonstrate usage of advanced coding techniques available in recent Moodle versions. Most notably:


Screenshot #0
Screenshot #1


David Mudrák (Lead maintainer)
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