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A block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses. Developed by LSU.
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Moodle 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

Quickmail is a block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses.


  • Multiple attachments
  • Drafts
  • Signatures
  • Filter by Role
  • Filter by Groups
  • Optionally allow Students to email people within their group.


Quickmail adopts the same license that Moodle does.


Quickmail was developed at Louisiana State University.


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Picture of Buddy Ethridge
Buddy Ethridge (Lead maintainer)
Picture of Robert Russo
Robert Russo: Lead Maintainer
Picture of Philip Cali
Philip Cali: Former Lead Developer
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jason peak: Former maintainer
Picture of David Elliott
David Elliott: Former maintainer
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  • It's me!
    Wed, 9 May 2018, 11:23 PM
    Hello all, we have a new Quickmail (v2) release candidate up on GitHub and I was wondering if there were any brave souls out there that might want to test.

    A few notes: 1) This new version sends all messages by scheduled/ad-hoc tasks so Cron will have to be up and working properly. Note, the master scheduled task that triggers all message sends runs every 5 minutes. You may want to cut this to */2 for a better response to the end user. 2) This new version is missing backup/restore functionality, I'm working on this at the moment. 3) This new version DOES include a migration script that will convert all of your existing Quickmail data from old to new format. It should be a seamless process when upgrading.

    Your testing would be a great help to us, I'll be available for any questions/comments/bug fixes if you need. The new code is at: (the dev-34 branch of our existing repo). I've developed this in Moodle 3.4 and know that it also works in 3.3. I can't speak on any Moodle versions previous to 3.3 at this point. This *should* work in PHP 5.5, though we've developed it in a PHP 7. Check out the readme on that repo branch for some new feature highlights if you're curious. Thanks for your consideration and please let me know how it goes for you!
  • Picture of Robin Leung
    Wed, 23 May 2018, 7:26 AM
    So after upgrading to Moodle 3.4 from 3.1, we've noticed that Quickmail is being sent via the 'no-reply address' instead of individual user emails. Is there a change in how mail works in Moodle 3.4?
  • Picture of Barbara de Campos
    Mon, 28 May 2018, 7:33 PM
    Dear all,
    we have installed the plugin on our Moodle 3.5, with a large community of users (3000+). We noticed that emails sent to a large number of users only reach the first 25 users.
    I remember reading a post about this problem but I cannot find it again in the flow. Can you please remind me of the easy solution to apply?
    Thanks a lot !
  • It's me!
    Mon, 28 May 2018, 9:42 PM
    Hi Robin and Barbara, which versions of Quickmail are you using?
  • Picture of Robin Leung
    Tue, 29 May 2018, 5:51 AM
    Hi Chad,
    Running v.1.7.5 (2017122000) here.
  • Picture of K Owusu
    Fri, 8 Jun 2018, 6:03 PM
    Hi Chad,
    Hoping you could help. My institution are running a bespoke themed version of moodle 3.4 which has the administration block on the right instead of the left. Quickmail seems to bump our admin blocks off to the footer in all views other than the quickmail 'compose new email' view. This is only view that allows other blocks to remain on the page in the standard moodle theme (Clean) and our theme. The other quickmail views take up the whole page width and therefore seems to push off other blocks . Any chance that all views can be like the 'compose new email' view, to allow blocks to share the space?
  • It's me!
    Fri, 8 Jun 2018, 9:27 PM
    Hello K, I can certainly help. Which version of Quickmail are you using? Is it possible that you could send me a screenshot of the problem? If so, you can email it to me directly at if you prefer.
  • It's me!
    Fri, 8 Jun 2018, 11:01 PM
    Hey K, I'm under the assumption that you are using a Quickmail ~1.7-ish version. I've just pushed up a new update, v1.7.6, that should fix the issue you reported this morning. Please let me know if not!
  • Picture of K Owusu
    Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 4:58 PM
    Hi Chad, sorry for the delay. I wasn't expecting you to reply so quick. Will email you the details.
  • Picture of David Colucci
    Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 9:28 PM
    Hi Everyone, We have the same issue as Robin. All emails that go out via Quickmail are sent to respective email addresses. However they come in "from: ". Any suggestion would be very helpful. Thank you.
  • Picture of David Colucci
    Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 9:28 PM
    ps. We are on v.1.7.1
  • It's me!
    Thu, 14 Jun 2018, 12:13 AM
    Hey Robin and David, I think I may have found the problem. There is a setting in the "outgoing mail configuration" section called "allowedemaildomains". I did a test email send without this field populated and I received the email from "noreply@...". I then populated that field with the site's domain, sent another email, and the email came from the appropriate address "admin@...". I think the solution would be to add the domains that you want to whitelist in this setting and you should be good to go. Please let me know if not!

    Barbara, regarding your comment about emails only being sent to 25 users, this is a known issue in the current version of Quickmail. To get technical for a second, when you hit send email, the block will send out the emails synchronously (ie: looping through each one until finished at which point the "email sent" page will show). If you're sending attempting to send an email to 1000+ people, this could take some time and likely lead to a page timeout which cuts off any further action.

    We deal with this same problem at our institution, however, we've developed a newer version of Quickmail which fixes this problem by offloading the email sends to tasks which run in the background. Now when you hit send you will see "your email will be sent asap". Emails are processed as often as cron runs so there may be a short lag in the time it takes to actually send. I'd encourage you to try it out! It could be a great fit for your case and packs a few extra features. It is ready to go as-is but I'm still doing some development on completely new features and want to get that done before I officially release it here.

    If you would like additional info or have any questions please feel free to comment here or email me directly at and I can help.
  • Picture of Robin Leung
    Thu, 14 Jun 2018, 1:08 AM
    Hi Chad,
    Thanks! I was just about to post my findings out but looks like you beat me to it. Yes, this was something that was changed on Moodle's end in version 3.2/3.3? I forget which of how it handles email. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to use wildcard to whitelist all domains but have used wildcard to whitelist the popular domains (.com/.ca/.org/.net).
    Thanks again!
  • Picture of Robert Russo
    Thu, 14 Jun 2018, 1:51 AM
    I would not whitelist everything otherwise you'll get flagged by spam filters. Your domain should never send "from" other domains. It's generally frowned upon in the email community and will get you landed on spam lists.
  • Picture of Robin Leung
    Thu, 14 Jun 2018, 2:50 AM
    Thanks Robert, well noted.
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