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Display user's OpenBadges on a block. Supports Open Badge Factory, Open Badge Passport and Mozilla Backpack.
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Open Badge Factory displayer block -plugin

Open Badge Factory is a cloud platform that provides the tools your organization needs to implement a meaningful and sustainable Open Badges system.

With the block_obf_displayer -plugin you can display badges on a block. To use the plugin, you need local_obf -plugin installed.

You can select which open badge services the block uses in the block configuration settings. (The gear icon on the block, when page editing is enabled)

Supported services

How to install

Moodle 2.5 and up:

  1. Install the zip via Moodle's plugin page. Select "block" as the type of the plugin.
  2. Update the database using the notifications page
  3. Navigate to "Site home" on your Moodle site
  4. Turn editing on
  5. Add a block called "Open Badge Factory"
  6. Configure the block (from the gear icon on the block), and set page context to "Display throughout the entire site"
  7. Go to your profile page
  8. Configure the block again, and now set the "Display on page types" option to "Only user profile pages" (Optionally position it where you want it, by setting the default region)

(Steps 6-8 are required to ensure the block is visible in every users profile page)


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